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Brief Information On Singing Bowls


Tibetan singing bowls were first known in the Himalayan regions of Northern China, Tibet, India, Nepal and Bhutan. The historians were not really able to pinpoint when the singing bowls were exactly recognized, however there is a technique in building similar instruments which were found in Asia many years ago. There are several sources that believe that singing bowls were firstly used in India years before in Tibet. It is normally believed that singing bowls are being used in the rituals of the shamans.


Silver Sky Imports Singing bowls were originally made of five, seven or nine variety of metals which includes mercury, silver, gold, copper, iron and tin. Several others are also believing that meteorite was also being used when the original bowls were being made. However, most of the bowls were usually made with the use of five metals or less.


Nowadays, singing bowls are normally made by metal being poured into a cast. In general, these bowls are easier to play and are smoother as well. There are also those singing bowls found in the market that are hand-hammered. When you say hand-hammered bowls, these are harder to play and even if these are normally passed off as an antique, there are few of them. You could still see antique bowls around but not that easy as they are rare and usually found at a high price.


When playing a singing bowl at, know that it is just very simple or easy and you would be able to play one in not more than five minutes. All you have to do is to simply circle the stick around the exterior of the bowl very slowly in a rhythm that is steady. You may have to do the circling for a little while prior to actually hearing anything. When you start to hear a slight hum, that hum would increase as you keep circling the stick around the bowl.


Singing bowls are normally being used during meditation and you could also play your bowl while you are meditating. You could simply ask someone who could play the bowl during your meditation. You could also find singing bowls being used in yoga classes. You could find uses of singing bowls whether it is outdoors or for your home.


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