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All About Tibetan Singing Bowls


In the Tibetan religion, singing bowls have a strong religious significance along with Buddhist cultures of Asia. It is also a useful device related with yoga, natural healing therapy and a basis for personal serenity, giving itself a good international reputation. Most of the Buddhist monasteries use these singing bowls. In some investigations, it was found out that Tibetan singing bowls have been in use some twenty five centuries earlier. These singing bowls have therapeutic qualities, spiritually uplifting qualities, and revered object of the Buddhist faith. In the west, collectors are captivated by this mysterious singing bowls when they are rubbed using a striker. The term singing bowl is widely known for their singing sound. These singing tunes are a series of sound waves produce d by the bowl when it is struck. These sounds are believed to permeate the listener's brain leaving him tranquil and peaceful.


Today, another use of singing bowls is as ornamental pieces showcased in living rooms and in galleries and museums. The designs of these singing bowls which are handmade with lavishly styled patterns, icons, and figures on the exteriors have captured the eyes of eye specialists. However, even if you are not an art specialist, you can still appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship present in Tibetan singing bowls which is regarded a vital element of Tibetan traditions.


Silver Sky Singing bowls have also been used in healing therapy regarding mental and physical illnesses of people. The method of healing is by playing or striking the bowl and put it near the affected part of the body until the vibration and sound enters the body. This will benefit the person using it. Many people all over the world who have heard about the excellent penetrating sound and the positive healing effects now desire to have these healing bowls. There is already a high demand of these singing bowls from manufacturers. Prayers and mantras are chanted which makes their healing quality more effective. If you have one, you can use it to treat your illnesses and simply be relaxed by listening to its sounds.


There are some online sites where you can purchase Tibetan singing bowls. They offer a wide variety of singing bowls with different prices in various business websites. However, if you want to buy an original one, it may cost your much more than the rest. You must also be careful when buying these Tibetan singing bowls. It is important to choose a reputed site so that you are prevented from being cheated, click here to get started!